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Carpets Complaints Investigation


BCTC provides four levels of carpet complaint resolution: on-site inspection, mediation, arbitration and laboratory testing.

On-site Inspection

The independent On-site Inspection Service provides an expert assessment of carpet complaints and can be commissioned by any party involved in a dispute, whether domestic or contract.  All aspects are taken into account as appropriate, including manufacturing defects and fitting.  The results, presented as a report, are based on an inspection of the carpet plus laboratory tests where necessary. The report can be used as the basis of a settlement.


The UK carpet trade's formal Arbitration Service is recognised by the EC EEJ (European Extra Judicial Network).  All parties involved must agree to abide by the independent arbitrator's decision, which is then final and binding.  Other than the £10 initiation  fee (non-returnable), the service is free of charge to the consumer, the costs being apportioned between the commercial parties according to the arbitrator's report.  This is based on an inspection of the carpet together with laboratory tests if required. 


The Mediation Service is for all types of dispute, including those related to fitting, and applies to both domestic and contract installations. Provided all parties agree to accept the findings, the decision is final and binding. For domestic installations there are fixed costs for this service. For contract installations charges are apportioned according to prior agreement.  A detailed survey of the installation is supplemented, if necessary, by laboratory tests.

Laboratory Testing

BCTC offer a full range of BS (British Standard), EN (European Norm) and ISO (International Standards Organisation) carpet tests that cover all types of carpet complaints.  Whether the carpet has lost its appearance or changed colour due to sunlight fading, BCTC can test the carpet in its UKAS accredited laboratories.  Where requested informed comments are given with test reports.  These comments are based on our vast knowledge of the industry, test method and classification scheme development and complaint investigation work.  All opinions and interpretations are also covered by our UKAS accreditation.

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